Daniel Sünnen

Software Engineer

Hi, welcome to my personal website! I am an enthusiastic software engineer who likes to build complex web applications and getting things done. I am excited about algorithmic problems, machine learning and big data. Moreover I am always looking to improve my skills and to keep up to date with the newest technologies.

Work Experiences


Software Development Engineer
September 2020 - Present

Design, developement, delivery and support of large-scale, distributed software applications

Central Bank of Luxembourg

Software Engineer
July 2014 - August 2020

Requirements analysis, specification, full-stack development and troubleshooting of internal applications. Projects include:

  • Bitcoin blockchain parser
  • Backend and frontend framework
  • User database batch application for authentication purposes

Central Bank of Luxembourg

Analyst in payment security
September 2012 - July 2014
  • Risk analysis, monitoring and conformity assessment of payment instruments
  • Drafting of recommendations about payment security

Credit Suisse

Software Engineer
September 2011 - January 2012
  • Analysis of a top-down development approach with .NET in the Credit Suisse IT environment
  • Developement of web services in C# using WSDL/XSD technologies and production deployment


BSc Electrical engineering

ETH Zürich
2007 - 2010
Bachelor of Science ETH in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology including computing theory, signal processing, communication networks and electrical engineering fundamentals

MSc Electrical Engineering

ETH Zürich
2010 - 2012
Master of Science ETH in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology with a focus on web engineering, distributed computing, VLSI, network security and network protocols

MOOC courses

coursera, edX, Stanford online
2013 - today
Completed numerous MOOCs about databases, algorithms and data mining

Professional Skills

Top Skills


Spring Framework

Advanced, 8 years
Built web back ends and batch applications with Spring Framework, Spring Batch, Spring Data and Spring Security


Expert, 12 years
Completed numerous projects in Java including simple Java SE programs, a recommendation engine, web applications


Intermediate, 6 years
Developed several interactive front ends using React, webpack, babel and npm

Other Skills

Machine learning Algorithms Requirements analysis Unit testing Continuous integration
C++ JavaScript Go REST Hibernate Gradle
Ansible Kubernetes PostgreSQL



Spring Framework, React, nginx, haproxy, Kubernetes, Docker, Ansible, PostgreSQL


C++, Qt framework

Get in Touch

If you have a great idea, an awesome project or just think we should undertake something together go ahead and contact me.

I am interested in the following:

  • Machine learning & big data
  • Backend development
  • Running and cycling

Drop me a line at or reach out to me on social media.